Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tanya Lazarou Fashions On The Field

Having in the past judged Fashions On The Field, I know how difficult the task of judging can be, with so many adorable and worthy fashion princesses frocked up so exquisitely.
I't such an incredibly fast process to make a snap decision, and at the same time collaborate with your fellow judges, all sharing varying views of appropriate racewear and subsequent winners.
Given that the prize stakes are so high, many racing clubs will publish their 'judging criteria' along with online entry forms. It's wonderful when judges do adhere to such.
The racing industry has certainly played a strong role in promoting fashion in Australia.
With this in mind, I am always thrilled for the respective racing club when the judging panel, with their daunting task, select a winner who is indeed a worthy ambassador for both the industry and sponsors alike.
Judges strike the (breath holding) trifecta when thier chosen winner is beautifully and appropriately groomed, the crowning glory being an articulate and supportive ambassor for the racing industry as a whole.
I would also love to see more sections (some innovative racing clubs do run these) for the mature racegoers who do not necessarily have legs to the armpits, with tummies and botts firmer than a 'sure thing bet'.
From my experience, these ladies have supported the industry for years as members, wives of members, horseowners, trainers and the likes.
These women frock up exquisitely. Spending a great deal of effort, time and money in creating their perfect outfit.
Come on sponsors :-) - It's a sure thing!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fuzzy Lizzie Journal

You must visit this blog gals
Thanks Lizzie for sharing
Sandie xxx

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Root Canal


What wonderful dental professionals I can share with you!
Usually a blog dedicated to vintage weddings and fashionistas.
But this 'stylist to the stars' took herself off to root canal therapy today, suitably stressed, anxious, wasting at least a month with swelling, antibiotics and all associated pain killers in preparing for the trauma of the dreaded 'root canal therapy'.

Seeing a 'surgeon' made the drama even more of an issue.
- And then friendship well wishes............. "oooh....good luck with the root canal".
I knew I was in for a traumatic session.

Not so. In fact, on the contrary

Please may I highly recommend The Whole Tooth in Paddington where Sherly, with her wonderous sense of grass roots humour, and her team of highly skilled tooth fairies, will treat you with kid gloves , so much so that you may easily be forgiven in forgetting that you have just visited the dentist!

But it gets better!...................... My new and dearest friends (no aftershock anesthetic here) are Dr Michael Franks and his beautiful assistant, Sonya Davis, who carried out gentle, painless and anesthetic free root canal with less stress and drama than any basic filing I have ever known.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Loretta Wrote

"I loved my headpiece and it made my day. Thankyou for your talent. It was truly appreciated. I had a million comments on how beautiful the headpiece looked."
Loretta was such a delight for me to create with.

So much so, that sharing her passion for buttons, together we raided my 'inner sanctum' button box for a few special antique treasures of adornment.

Coming Soon Vintage Wedding Gown with Gold Detail Embroidery Thankyou Daughter of 'SG' for being THE MOST FABULOUS SUPPLIER xxxx If you are seeking a particular wedding gown, do make contact and together with my supplier, we will do our best to find it for you

Jean Carrol

This is my dear and divine friend Jean Carrol.
'Jeannie' - is loved and adored by many of the milliners she has trained throughout her career.
A lady through and through, with a deliciously wicked sense of humour -
AND.....AN Order Of Australia for her contribution to millinery over the years.
We LOVE you Jeannie xxxxx

Beautiful Greer

Check out the latest Cosmopolitan Bride

To see our beautiful Greer in her fabulous wedding gown.
Greer immediately fell in love with this divine vintage creation.
Her Mum, Margaret did those special mum things in reworking a 'few' seams as well as sewing a matching full tulle petticoat (if you have ever made one, you know the mammoth effort in dealing with layers and layers of tulle all bound with satin ribbon) Margaret tell us she used an adaption of a pattern found on site

Being a full on team effort, I have some fun photos only Greer and I share, of her headpiece veiling soaking in a pot on my stove to obtain the perfect match.

Reminds me of the time I was studying under the famous milliner, Jean Carrol, when my white frilled and wired showstopper/skyscraper/Gone With The Wind/Exam Piece looked way too white for my liking. I soaked it in coffee, hung it on the clothesline and it was immediately attacked by every bird within cooee. After this drama, it was too 'coffee coloured' and soon was seen soaking in a tub of napisan! Passed the exam with ('scuse the pun) flying colours and my dear friend Jeannie remains unaware of the excercise to this day :-)

When my brides visit the studio seeking a vintage gown, I always stress that the key element of vision must be applied when opting to wear vintage. It's always worth the effort - and almost always cost effective. The bonus being that your gown will always be remembered as unique and you will never see another of the same.

My seamstresses and myself are often seen chopping out sleeves, reworking a modest bodice to a sassy new look, building new petticoats and more recently, applying a serious haircut to hemlines.
The draping, fabrics and laces of yesteryear are truly worth preserving and how wonderful to have a mum like Margaret to be part of the reworking process.

Coming soon is a full length cream tulle gown with detailed gold embroidery on the bodice and hemline - a real showstopper if you, like Greer, are seeking a Vintage Wedding.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Miss Bunni Lambada

Congratulation to Miss Bunni Lambada
(Our Emma Buxton)
Not only a beautiful princess, but brains as well, with honours degrees in both law and philosophy !!!!!
Emma was the NSW Winner in The Miss Pin Up Competition - Miss Perfect Category
We wish her good luck in The National Final held in The Gold Coast next January
Well done Pixie for organizing suck a fab event.

Vintage Dress

Our Beautiful Aimee Angelique
Sydney based actor/singer/songwriter
wears yet another version of our fabulous 50s pattern

1950s Wedding Dress

Cheye and Ailis From New Zealand

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1950's Vintage Wedding Dress

My mannequins wait paitently in the new studio for electricians, builders, painters (and learner bloggers) to get the job done with all things up and running.

This is the original and tresured gown I had quality reproductions made from.
See the Vintage Wedding Section.
Later, as the pattern suited so many shapes and sizes, it was reproduced in all forms including this divine handpainted silk cotton bluebird gown now listed in my online store.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thankyou Little Katie for yet another modelling marathon!

See this sensational 'Oscar' along with many other treasures in my online store

Flapper Wedding Gown

Flapper Bride?

Dare to be different?

How Cute!

Exquisite Victorian Wedding Gown - now listed on our online store

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Online Store Up and Running
Many thanks to the gorgeous Emily whose arm was twisted with the offer of vintage treasures in exchange for modelling our frocks.
In the next few days as soon as I learn a little more about online stores, I will be listing many beautiful treasures some of which have not been previously offered.

Sandie x

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sandie Bizys HAS MOVED


I hear you say -right in the middle of Melbourne Cup season?

Yes it's true.

Anyone having visited my previous studio would know that successfully running three businesses in one, can sometimes be a daunting task.
So I am excited to say that I have rented a beautiful studio directly across the road to concentrate on millinery, styling and vintage weddings.

Monica was indeed the lucky one who received the gift of our gorgeous little vintage business and now operates as Timeless Vintage.

Do visit Monica (who manages to open much more frequently than I could ever manage) ;-)

I still have approximately 600 vintage pieces left to pass on to new custodians, so please keep an eye out for my online store ; which will be opening in the very near future.

My new studio, 'Sandie Bizys' will be open by appointment.
Or if you see the buzzer on the door, I am in my workroom creating new pieces.
Please do call in and say hello.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leonies' 1950's Gown

Beautiful Leonie wrote:
"I love love love it!"
"You created my dream dress & it was so lovely to wear it on the day"
From the beginning, you were a delight to work with and all the girls on staff are so genuinely lovely".
"Thankyou for being a lovely, creative and inspiring person".
"I love your shop and all of your wonderful creations".

Aww shucks - Leonie, we truly love you more!!!!!

Original 1950's Gown worn by the gorgeous Sarah

The beautiful Sarah wrote:
"thankyou so much for helping me find my DREAM wedding dress",
"the dress was so much fun and I loved every minute".

1950's Bridesmaids

It's sensational when brides and bridesmaids do something a little different.
Here are our 1950's reproduction dresses (I'm not yet ready to part with the original)
dyed in a rainbow of colours. Just gorgeous!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Greenwich Markets

Our last day in London was a toss up between a trip to Portabello Road or a mission to Greenwich Markets.

Meeting the gorgeous Lynn and Kit at 360_Degrees_Vintage
7a Greenwich Market
was worth the trip!!!!

A fabulous sightseeing river tour down the Thames from London centre, brings you to this quaint little town, truly worth mooching for a day.

I had such fun with the owners, Lynn and Kit, as I tore the shop apart buying almost everything I could lay my hands on (as well as serving a few customers as I shopped)

These gals do have THE most exceptional quality stock with a special eye for unique pieces such as the hand knitted 1940's golfing vest - an original 1920's tennis dress (now ours) and WWW1 nurses uniforms.

Excess baggage takes on a whole new meaning as the pic describes!

Art deco Galerie Prague

Beautiful Prague!!!!

If you ever have the opportunity, Art deco Galerie:

is a most wonderful vintage shop tucked behind the cafes in the old town square.

Michalska 21.

110 00 PRAHA 1

Sneak a peak of just one of the divine pieces now on sale in the studio.
(no apologies for the drooling 'vintage find' face)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage in Europe

This divine piece came from a fantastic little shop in Bath - over the next few weeks,
(especially with some much needed blogging tuition), I will post information on 'must see' vintage shops discovered during our adventures.
Plus!!!! at the same time, I managed to get my hands on exactly the same dress as above in Prague

Gorgeous 2 piece cotton suit from Rome

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Europe Stash New Arrivals

Stay Posted On Info and More Pics To Follow

Just arrived home from 6 wonderful weeks in Europe.
We are so excited that the studio is full of amazing new pieces for you!
Sandie xxx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NSW Myer Fashions On The Field Golden Slipper


Chuffed to say that for the third year running, one of our special clients have once again won the NSW Myer Golden Slipper Fashions On The Field.

Not only did we receive the winners place in this fabulous fashion event, we are also proud to say that four of the finalists were also showcasing our work.

In honesty, I have not kept a record of our achievements, but it would be a close estimate to say that since I have been a milliner, I believe we may have won this prize perhaps 6 times in the last ten years.

Many many thanks to my treasured clients for showcasing my work so beautifully. And thank you also to Sydney Turf Club and NSW Myer for holding such a fabulous event.