Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tanya Lazarou Fashions On The Field

Having in the past judged Fashions On The Field, I know how difficult the task of judging can be, with so many adorable and worthy fashion princesses frocked up so exquisitely.
I't such an incredibly fast process to make a snap decision, and at the same time collaborate with your fellow judges, all sharing varying views of appropriate racewear and subsequent winners.
Given that the prize stakes are so high, many racing clubs will publish their 'judging criteria' along with online entry forms. It's wonderful when judges do adhere to such.
The racing industry has certainly played a strong role in promoting fashion in Australia.
With this in mind, I am always thrilled for the respective racing club when the judging panel, with their daunting task, select a winner who is indeed a worthy ambassador for both the industry and sponsors alike.
Judges strike the (breath holding) trifecta when thier chosen winner is beautifully and appropriately groomed, the crowning glory being an articulate and supportive ambassor for the racing industry as a whole.
I would also love to see more sections (some innovative racing clubs do run these) for the mature racegoers who do not necessarily have legs to the armpits, with tummies and botts firmer than a 'sure thing bet'.
From my experience, these ladies have supported the industry for years as members, wives of members, horseowners, trainers and the likes.
These women frock up exquisitely. Spending a great deal of effort, time and money in creating their perfect outfit.
Come on sponsors :-) - It's a sure thing!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fuzzy Lizzie Journal

You must visit this blog gals
Thanks Lizzie for sharing
Sandie xxx

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Root Canal


What wonderful dental professionals I can share with you!
Usually a blog dedicated to vintage weddings and fashionistas.
But this 'stylist to the stars' took herself off to root canal therapy today, suitably stressed, anxious, wasting at least a month with swelling, antibiotics and all associated pain killers in preparing for the trauma of the dreaded 'root canal therapy'.

Seeing a 'surgeon' made the drama even more of an issue.
- And then friendship well wishes............. "oooh....good luck with the root canal".
I knew I was in for a traumatic session.

Not so. In fact, on the contrary

Please may I highly recommend The Whole Tooth in Paddington where Sherly, with her wonderous sense of grass roots humour, and her team of highly skilled tooth fairies, will treat you with kid gloves , so much so that you may easily be forgiven in forgetting that you have just visited the dentist!

But it gets better!...................... My new and dearest friends (no aftershock anesthetic here) are Dr Michael Franks and his beautiful assistant, Sonya Davis, who carried out gentle, painless and anesthetic free root canal with less stress and drama than any basic filing I have ever known.